Our Surveying Services endorse that ProDeSer is Connecting Future


Training Services

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Offshore Surveying

ProDeSer has currently employed more than 20 surveyors being recruited from Romanian universitites and educated together with Fugro Survey AS in Bergen Norway.

This has been a very successful project for all parties involved. Similar projects will be soon be launched. The structure we have made gives benefits; both for the international company, the universities involved and the personnel involved that are given opportunities that would be very complex without this organizing.

Our Surveying Services endorse that ProDeSer is Connecting Future, with a innovation business model that delivers spot-on solutions to our clients.

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Educational Training

ProDeSer is performing training services for clients within the maritime industry.

The company has extended co-operations with Romanian universities and access to highest class simulators for offshore use. Our training services are developed and delivered our customers to meet tailor-made requirements, standards and regulations.